Integriteit en professionaliteit

We are committed to integrity and professionalism

Fracarita Belgium’s employees and volunteers are expected to fulfil certain standards with regard to professionalism, integrity and team spirit. It is important that everyone behaves in a correct way in his/her relation with others, especially with people in need. When conducting its activities, Fracarita Belgium pays close attention to ensure that no violations occur against the integrity charter that the entire Belgian development cooperation sector signed in 2018 and which applies to all actors, since the new law on development cooperation of 2020.

Integrity Charter (.pdf)

We do not tolerate any kind of integrity violation (whether abuse, fraud or corruption).

That is why Fracarita Belgium’s Code of Ethics is freely consultable via this link. This is a contractual commitment for all employees and contractual volunteers of Fracarita Belgium, as well as for participants in travels organised by the NGO. It consists of the actual Code of Ethics, of an internal whistle-blowing system and of an external complaints procedure. Any person (witness or victim) who is confronted with any kind of integrity violation, whether in the field, during activities in their own country or at the headquarters in Ghent – can contact us. This also applies to violations at or by partner organisations of Fracarita Belgium. Confidentiality will be fully respected in these cases.

Reporting questions or complaints?

Do you have questions or complaints about the way Fracarita Belgium operates? Our services will manage your complaint with integrity. Please contact one of the following persons:

For specific questions about integrity and professionalism at Fracarita Belgium you can contact the Integrity Advisor (Kristien Segers) via

For specific complaints, both within Fracarita Belgium and with its partner organisations, please contact our Complaints Officer (Nicolas Vandeweerd) via

Fracarita Belgium also has a Complaints Commission that intervenes in specific situations, as described in our code. This committee consists of the two persons mentioned above and Luc Van Dyck. He can be contacted at